A Bit About Me

Charisma Is my heart beat light beat. Ever since I could remember I have had the ability to guide souls transition into their own internal energetic GPS system. I have this deep wisdom and mastery that I have being cultivating through lifetimes, accessing different skill set and tools that assist you shift your energetic fields. With the combination of three modalities Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection® and Neuro Linguistic Programming you will learn to access and transmit energy healing frequencies.

The Energy vibration life force which drives everything, transference of non-physical energy thoughts, belief system both conscious and subconscious into the physical world. Being aware, connected, and knowing of energy vibration frequencies allowing a co-create empowering way of being win-win solutions across all timelines, dimensions, spaces, and realities known and unknown. Hoping to work with you to help you create your own energy healing platform with choosing high vibration frequencies that bring balance and harmony not only for you but your family, greater community and the world.

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"Win-Win energy frequencies solutions tapping into your own true essence ignite the light within"

Rahab Miriti Khoury